Friday, August 20, 2010

I Pity The Fool.....

I have no idea what I am writing today.  I seem to have hit a wall where I am unsure of my present and my future.  My life seems to be set in a mode of work and home with Grandma (who I love don't get me wrong).  I feel boxed in and I would like to do something that I am passionate about.  But how can you do something like that when you doubt yourself and what you can accomplish?

I know things I like to do.  I like to read, listen to music and I love to travel.  If I could be anyone I would be Samantha Brown.  Granted I find her show a bit remedial and she always has a drink in her hand.  But, she gets to travel all over the world for her occupation.  How the heck did she pull that off??!!  I wish I had thought of that years ago and done something in that vein, hence I would not be in the position I am in now.

I am stuck in a job I am not happy with and am bordering on loathing.  The few people who made it tolerable are gone or are leaving (Whitney...Teri!!! For shame!!).  I have one person left..and they aren't much happier than I am.  However, their personality is much different than mine...looking on the bright side when they can.  I wish I could say I was an optimist, but lets face it.  I am a realist.  When I tend to look out for anything good, it turns out for crap.

I have a feeling of distrust almost all the time, in every situation.  Its very disconcerting and annoying.  Who really wants to feel like this?? I am unable to leave my living situation.  I live with my grandmother since my grandpa passed away 3 years ago, so she wouldn't be alone.  Its not all bad, but it hasn't been a picnic either.

Since the house has been literally eaten with termites, we are under construction.  Since June.  That has made things even more closed in and cluttered.  I am bordering on sainthood.  Since no one is dead yet I feel that is at least some kind of accomplishment.  I think the worst part is I don't have the option to go anywhere.  Maybe some day.  Its sad that I can feel so excited about a vacation with my sisters family next fall.  Maybe before then things will change a bit.

Okay, this has turned into a pity party.  Not the best start to a weekend.  At least I got it off my chest.  Hopefully, things will improve.  Hey!  Maybe I will win the lottery!  Yeah right...

Until next time...I hope everyone will keep on keepin on...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...August?

Here we are in sunny Tallahassee, in the month of August. I cannot believe its gone so quickly. I don't know about the rest of you but I am definitely in need of some cooler weather. Which brings up where we are in the year already! I only have 4 months left until the fat man in red comes back.

Now, those of you who know me are well aware that I am a Christmas junkie. I know, its a sickness that cannot be denied. I have started listening to the music at work, at home, on the television. I am making plans for decorating at the office and at the house. See, part of it is the over organized pre-planning part of my brain. I like to have things thought out in advance. That way I can execute what I want with little to no problems.

Secondly, I want more Christmas decorating stuff. See? Its wrong, wrong, wrong...but feels oh so right! And since I plan ahead and enjoy the decorations, I must admit I also like the attention it gets. Not to toot my own horn, but we get amazing compliments in our office when I decorate for the holidays. Not only does it look amazing, but it smells amazing too (thank you Glade plug ins - apple cinnamon)! So many patients ask who we had come and put it all together. Ha!

Don't get me started on the wrapping and the cards. I like to coordinate them and have a theme. Plus, I love to use ribbon! Oh well, until then I have plenty of things to think of and over.

But what I hope for the most is cold weather. I am sick of this hot, humid, suffocating heat. Don't bother going outside between sunrise and sundown. You will melt where you stand. I can take the cold..bring it on!

Anyway, this turned out to be more of a ramble rather than a post. But it had to be said. I will try to post sooner next time. Bye now!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Twilight Movie? Not Again Thanks!

Well, for those of you who live under a rock, the newest Twilight movie Eclipse came out. Lord help me, I promised my cousin Shelby (who is 16 by the way) that I would take her over the weekend. Saturday night arrives and as we are trekking up the steps to find a decent seat I hear a whispered "SHELBY!!"..It seems her friend Ashley (also 16) was there to see the flick. She wanted us to sit with her and I stupidly said okay.

Now, the movie was okay. It won't change the world or anything but I must admit I was becoming a bit perturbed when I start hearing catcalls and screams. It pretty much a shot of Edward...screams Jacob...yep more screaming...I was constantly telling the girls to calm down and to sit down (although they weren't the only ones). It wasn't until later on the I got a bit of revenge myself. Ha! Obviously old Eddie and Bella get to play sleepover and things get hot and heavy. Those teenage girls in the audience started really getting crazy..until I finally said..Chill out, they aren't gonna do it till their married! In which a mass of heads turned my way and all cried out, They get married??!! When, how (not much on reading, some of these girls are they?)..

So I was a spoiler but at least they chilled a bit. I was glad when the movie was over and I could leave the mass hysteria. Although, I had to literally drag my cousin away from the Eclipse party that was being held in the room across the tempting to those who cannot control them selves! So from now on, since I have seen the others I will at least need to finish off the series, I will kick back and wait for it on DVD. It just seems safer for your sanity and your hearing!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Well, here it is, eight months later and I finally get to post! 4th of July weekend and I am glad of it. Not just because we have a 3 day weekend, but because it reminds me and the rest of us good ol' Americans what we have to be thankful for and the freedoms that some rebels back in 1776 did for us all.

At times it is hard to imagine that a bunch of middle aged men wearing powdered wigs were basically outlaws of their time. Secret meetings, huddled conversations and plans..all to gain freedom from a King who ruled from overseas. Think of the wars fought, men and women lost, to retain those freedoms since then.

It is an awesome responsibility to do what we can to retain that liberty which was gained for us. One we don't take seriously enough in my opinion. We have not been tested in that ways that those individuals were. Oh we have our own 21st Century wars..but where have they been fought? We have become complacent.

Which is why I hope everyone will really think about what we have as a country and as a people. And no matter what one President (who shall remain nameless has said) we are a nation of individuals who share a responsibility to ourselves, our families and future generations. Not only to protect those freedoms but to remember tho cost of those freedoms.

So while we are eating our hot dogs and apple pie, watching the brilliance of fireworks exploding in the balmy summer evening, remember our forefathers, our great-grandfathers. Think of your responsibilities. Then smile. You live in the greatest nation on the planet. Pretty sweet if you ask me!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Survival

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone..thank goodness. Don't misunderstand, I love the holidays. I like to cook and have everything set up to look just right. This year my Dad and sisters (three of the six), plus two nieces made it up just in time. The only bad thing was after cooking all that food I couldn't eat any of it myself! So I watched everyone else. How sad is that?

Black Friday, that was interesting. For some reason I had a desire to wake up at 3:45 in the morning and pick my sisters up to go shopping! That proves I am certifiable and belong in Chattahoochee! However, we got some good bargains and came out of the stores unscathed. was time to decorate my office for Christmas. And I must say, thanks to my talents and my sister Shannon, the place is fantasmically gorgeous! We have had tons of compliments on the decor.

Sunday, family goes home, we clean up and try to relax. The relax part didn't last long. I have already started wrapping presents and putting up the tree in my home,. Its almost complete but it needs a bit more. Unfortunately, I will be traveling this weekend and then again in the two weeks following. I'm tired just thinking about it.

As they say, no rest for the wicked (that means me!). Hopefully everyone had a wonderful weekend and may the rest of your month be cheerful!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An update from the Outer Limits

As much as I would like to keep up to date with my posting, lets face it, I am absolutely inept. I can concentrate. I don't have ADD or ADHD. I just have a lot going on. A few things to bring y'all up to speed. Let's family has been to visit and gone home. And more are coming next week. I was just recently an appreciative audience member to the Florida High School talent show, when my cousin Shelby performed Taylor Swift's Fearless. She was awesome and was quite decked out in her dress and boots (credit for the duds go to me by the way). I can't wait to see what she does next year. Maybe I can make some suggestions....

With the help of my sister Christina and her husband Russell, we were able to clean out and organize my Grandma's garage. You couldn't walk through that sucker before but its amazing now! Also, we hauled off a truck bed of trash. Even better, less clutter.

Now Halloween is almost here and just in the nick of time, the last part of my nephew's costume came in the mail (thank you ebay!). They tried them on and Connor is definitely a cute Peter Pan (and yes he picked that himself). Alex is Sheriff Woody from Toy Story and he is too cute too! I will post pics once I get them. But you just about die when he tells you, I'm Woody, howdy, howdy, howdy!! Plus, he struts when he walks. Its too much.

Anyway, things are as busy as ever here in the Land of Oz....I mean at work. We are dressing up for All Hallows Eve and even having a small lunch for both offices, so it will bring a nice end to the work week and a nice start to the weekend.

So that's it so far, no real excitement here. Just the same old day different stuff routine. Until next time, see you in the Outer Limits or the Twilight Zone, whichever you prefer.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Same Old Same Old....

Normally I would put something here about my vacation, but as it didn't go well at all, I will not post anything about it. Its just safer that way. However, I will admit that the scenery is beautiful and I got some awesome cast iron skillets while I visited.

Otherwise, it is a normal same old day. I am beginning to prepare for the holidays yet again, so the cleaning bug has hit me full force. Its not just at home either. I have the bug at work too. I have all sorts of plans for the upstairs storage room. Plus, Teri (whom we call the new Kirk) is getting geared up for fall and the Christmas decor in the office.

Anyway, I am feeling particularly old, as my baby sister just started her senior year of high school and my newphew just started his first day of kindergarten. How did this happen?!! Just yersterday they were both babies! Something else I will have to get used to I guess. Well, since the boss is away this is time for me to get some actual work done! So this is me signing off (until next time)!